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gps vehicle tracker

We provide 2 types of tracker, Personal Tracker and Vehicle Tracker

1.1) Personal Tracker : Small and portable size tracker, ideal for person, pet or other small items of valuables, gives accurate positioning and consists of special feature of two-way communication as of mobile phone, with special numbers memory to send SMS, and automatic dial-out call just by pressing a button feature.
Tracking System on Mobile

1.2) Vehicle Tracker : GPS Tracker using to track and trace private automobile, public transport vehicles, logistics truck etc., once installed, client is able to verify position, speed and other status of vehicle, such as engine starting, air-conditioner turning on, doors opening and fuel level in the tank, PTO switch sensor i.e.,

Tracker for a Crane


3 Digits LED Speed Display, available as accessories option for GPS Vehicle Tracker, to show the accurate real time speed of vehicle that has GPS Tracker installed, suitable for driver’s control monitoring to minimize over speeding accident, with ability to preset over speed limit alarm, for example, speed limit setting at 80Km/H, driver will be notified by the buzzer or siren over-speed alert if driving exceed the speed limit.

The management software for GPS Tracking System, provided to facilitate client who has his vehicle with GPS Tracker installed or his assigned staffs, to be able to real-time locate the position the vehicle or the person with tracing journey history, besides positioning, there is variety of reports which helps client to manage his GPS Tracker installed vehicle, such as daily report and daily activity summary report, fuel consumption and analysis, vehicle’s speed report, and different alert signals reports, selectable on daily and monthly report category.

gps tracking software

On the advantage, the company has developed and customized software feature to suit client’s different preferences, in terms of reports additional reports, display in Thai English or other languages

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Our ultimate goal is filling the gaps and bridging the great differences to stand on the same ground of cutting edge technology, by providing the best service in such a way, in season and out of season, to best uplifting our clients’ projects potential, in terms of suitable equipment and accessories selection to furnish and fit in client’s projects need, further to expand our international services and offers to the neighboring ASEAN countries in years to come.


Certain environmental aspects and situations on some areas upon the face of the earth need super-secured solutions, thus, we are capable to provide the customized solutions service to enhance clients’ specific need, such as personal security, remote area personal healthcare equipment solutions, etc.


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